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September 12, 2017
by Kalon Prensky

Cold Laser and Fertility

Read more about actual results from clinics in Denmark and Norway further down the page.

158 out of 239 infertile women have become pregnant after treatments that include treatments with the GigaLaser.
Both Women and Men can be supported with cold laser therapy. In the study revealed below, 158 new lives – all perfectly healthy children.

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Treating infertility with laser therapy is a fairly new thing in Denmark, however, some practitioners have had good results in treating couples with difficulties conceiving.

Since the GigaLaser was released in 2008, we have been seeing more and more “laser babies” in Denmark and abroad. That is, babies born by an otherwise infertile mother after treatment with laser therapy.

Especially in Japan, they have been studying the connection between improved fertility and laser therapy, and there is now documentation that laser treatment in even very low doses can help improve the quality of the man’s semen and the woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

Cold Laser Therapy and Fertility

We recommend laser treatment for you if you have, or suspect that you have, the following symptoms:

  • Reduced blood circulation to the uterus or ovaries. Reduced blood circulation can be caused by age/arteriosclerosis, scar tissue (for instance from earlier surgeries or abdominal infections), inactivity etc.
  • Muscle tensions in the surrounding muscles, which can block both nerve and vascular supply
  • Frequently recurring infections/inflammations in the abdomen, such as herpes, candida (fungus), allergies, and chlamydia. In these cases, however, laser treatment should not stand alone but should be combined with regular medicinal treatment.
  • Hormonal imbalance, for instance because of PCO/PCOS
  • Reduced egg quality, for instance due to age
  • Reduced semen quality

Many of the above mentioned problems can be difficult to diagnose. Therefore, laser treatment is especially relevant if you are involuntarily childless without a known cause.

One of the largest treatment areas in its class

Treatment course

We recommend that you receive laser therapy 5-6 times in the weeks leading up to ovulation/In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). It can be beneficial to combine the laser treatment with other types of treatment. In general, women over 40 should always expect the need to be treated for a longer period of time and a lower success rate. We have experienced that most men will find that the quality of their semen has improved after only three treatments.

The GigaLaser is great for these treatments because it covers a large area of the body.

158 out of 239 infertile women have become pregnant after treatments that include treatments with the GigaLaser. 158 new lives – all perfectly healthy children.


For many of these women, the laser treatment has been the last resort, having gone through several IVF’s etc. – and being told that they had no chance of conceiving their own child.

In Denmark and Norway, 8 GigaLaser clinics are using the GigaLaser as a part of fertility treatments. So far, these clinics have had a total success rate of 66%!

In time, it is our hope that this method will find its way to the thousands of couples who still are waiting for their dream to come true.


Clinical results and protocol

Results from the 8 GigaLaser clinics are shown in the table below.

The GigaLaser protocol is straightforward: starting on the first day of menstruation, 6 treatments are applied over 2 weeks.

Each treatment lasts 23 minutes and the total dose is 20,000 Joule. The treatment screen covers 500 cm2 (77 in2) and is placed over the (naked) abdominal area.

The wavelength is 808 nm for treating deep lying tissue, as well as 660 nm LED, which increases the microcirculation in the surface of the skin. There are no side effects or any discomfort associated with the treatment.


Healthy fertility

One clinic in particular has gone all the way and started a designated fertility clinic. It was founded by physiotherapist Anne Marie Jensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) in 2011, and as of 2016-11-04, she has treated a total of 171 women – and 116 of them have become pregnant. That is a success rate of 68%.

All of Anne Marie’s fertility patients go through a thorough physical examination. If needed, they are given physiotherapy treatments for releasing muscle tensions, correcting postural problems and softening of any scar tissue. In addition, they are coached for stress and life style issues.

Based on her work, Anne Marie recently published the book “Fertilitet og fysioterapi – en guide til behandling og selvbehandling” (“Fertility and physical therapy –a guide to treatment and self treatment”, at this point only available in Danish). The book is available at PowerMedic Lasers and elsewhere.


Other applications

From all the GigaLaser clinics, we get a lot of feedback about other positive side effects from the GigaLaser therapy. Irregular or missing menstruations are normalized, pain and discomfort from endometriosis is relieved, as well as pain from PCOS. This will, of course, increase the odds of getting pregnant, but the clinics receive many clients for non-pregnancy related problems, as well.


How does it work?

We do not know exactly how laser therapy increases the odds of getting pregnant, but we know a lot about the effects of laser therapy on the cellular level. First of all, laser therapy will stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP (= energy) in the cells. This in turn improves the cell’s ability to

1) proliferate

2) migrate

3) adhere

…which is exactly what a fertilized egg is supposed to do. Further to that, the increased energy level in the cells will improve blood circulation, relax muscle tensions and reduce inflammation. These factors are all beneficial to the general environment inside the female reproductive organs and to the ovarian mucosal lining in particular. Laser therapy is also known for its ability to normalize and soften scar tissue, and scar tissue is a large contributor to fertility problems.


Treating men

Lately, the GigaLaser clinics have been treating a growing number of men with low semen quality. We have not yet assembled the statistical data, but the effect of laser therapy on the testicles is dramatic. Time and time again, we see numbers rise from 2 million/ml to more than 40 million/ml. From one day to the next. For these treatments, the clinics use the PowerLaser Pro or PowerLaser Basic if a more affordable laser is desired.

For more information on how you as a practitioner can get started offering laser therapy for childless couples, please contact the friendly staff and laser specialists at Health Is Wealth Maui LLC for a free consultation by calling toll free 800-575-7963

July 26, 2017
by Kalon Prensky

Horse and Animal Care with Therapeutic Lasers – Veterinary Lasers

Natural Horse & Animal Care Tips and Equine Laser Technology

by  Kalon Prensky

Learn to save time, money and frustration with your horse, dog, or other animal by using Therapeutic Lasers.

Therapeutic Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used worldwide for over 40 years. Even in the US it has been used by famous horse ranches and esteemed veterinarians plus equine and animal care specialists for more than 30 years. Just 15 years ago the FDA cleared these type of devices for human use.

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Equine Laser
Laserex 3000, equine laser, vet laser, pet laser, laser for pets


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Digital Display
dog laser, cold laser for dogs, low level laser for dogs, pet laser, laser for pets
For use on dogs, pets, horse and all animals

An equine laser is highly effective for pain, injuries, swelling, inflammation, muscular skeletal treatments, broken or fractured bones, difficult to treat and sensitive conditions and areas. It is also ideal for use in laser acupuncture (acu-light therapy). Cold laser therapy is being used widely among the various Sport Horse and racing dog communities in particular because of the competitive advantages that it offers. This includes thoroughbred racing, dressage, jumping, three day events, endurance, rodeo and stunt horse recuperation, healing and rejuvenation. Therapeutic lasers have been used at the last few Olympic games as a non-invasive health tool with great success. Some equine laser devices are reputed to offer astounding results in the winning, recovery, healing and rejuvenation programs of sport horses, dogs and athletes.

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A Veterinary Laser, Cold Laser, Therapeutic laser, Horse Laser, or Equine Laser can be used by home users and practitioners with ease. They are all terms that describe a device that produces low levels of safe, non-thermal laser energy to the cells and tissues, which accelerates healing of:

*Muscles *Tendons *Ligaments *Articulations *Bones *Nerves *Strain & Stress *Pain & Inflammation *Spasms & Knots *Bruises & Contusions *Blisters & Hematomas *Swellings & Tears *Open Wounds *Scar Tissues *Arthritic Pain *Muscle Atrophies *Cartilage Wear and *Minor Fractures

Got Fleas?
Prevent your horse, dog, cat or pet from scratching, itching or rubbing themselves raw. You can do this by using a potion containing Derma-Smooth Flea Spray, which can be mixed and wiped on the affected areas. In severe cases there is a shot that can be administered, which helps tremendously. Be careful about its use with pregnant mares!

Mosquito Proof your horse, dog, cat or pet for better health:
Mosquito Proof Potion for Horses: 1/3 Adams Flea Spray, 1/3 Sho-Sheen, 1/3 Skin-So-Soft. Spray or wipe down, especially in the evening.

Prevent “Rain Rot”:
When wet weather hits “rain rot” can present itself on the top of the horse, the back, rump, and croup. If you run your hands over these areas, you may feel many small, raised bumps. When you brush or pull at the hair on these areas, small flecks of hair and skin can come off. A simple treatment of this condition is to rub mineral oil onto the affected areas every other day until gone, which may take three or more treatments.

Horses Cold:
“El Nino” is causing colds and snotty noses in horses. If you have horses with snotty noses and/or coughing, give 1 oz. Tritussin (equine) two times daily until the discharge disappears. Antibiotics are not necessary if the horse doesn’t have a temperature.

Equine Emergencies:
What do you do for your horse while you are waiting for a veterinarian during an emergency?
The most common medical emergency in the horse is colic or abdominal pain. Colic may be the result of any of a variety of intestinal disorders, ranging from gas to a life-threatening intestinal torsion or twist. Walking your horse may help alleviate some discomfort and encourage intestinal motility, however be careful not to overdo the exercise. It is possible to exhaust a horse with colic. Avoid allowing a horse to roll, but it is fine to let them intermittently lie down quietly. Treatment with a cold laser over the stomach and abdominal cavity can give relief from pain, gas and inflammation thus relaxing musculature and assisting peristalsis.

Fever is another common medical problem with horses. Normal rectal temperature in the adult horse is 99-101 degrees F. Be prepared by having a large animal thermometer in your first aid kit and know how to take your horse’s temperature.

If your horse’s temperature is higher than 104, call your veterinarian. Aggressively spray cold water on your horse to cool him down. An alcohol bath using 70% rubbing alcohol will further drop surface body temperature. Consult your veterinarian who may suggest administering a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as phenylbutazone (“bute”) or banamine.

Prevent eye injuries: Horse’s eyes are susceptible to injuries due to its protruding anatomy and the horse’s inquisitive nature. Eye injuries, especially corneal injuries can become serious very quickly. Always consult your veterinarian. Avoid using any ointment that contains a steroid, such as hydrocortisone until you have talked to your veterinarian.

Another common concern is injury due to lacerations or wounds. Remember to always keep clean bandage supplies in your first aid kit. Keen evaluation of your barn and fencing may help prevent these occurrences. Nostril and eye lacerations can be caused by open hooks, used for hanging buckets, tools and towels. Beware of barbed wire for horses, especially foals, which are not compatible.

If an injury occurs, treat immediately with a cold therapeutic laser, apply an antibiotic ointment and call a veterinarian if necessary. Wounds that need to be sutured need to be seen while they are still fresh and clean. If the laceration is bleeding, direct pressure may be applied using clean gauze or towels. Daily application of therapeutic laser after stitching or bandaging can support substantially faster and more effective healing as the laser increases the healing process by twice as fast and without infection as it boost the immune system 150-200%.

A cold laser may be applied to all wounds and can even be applied over dressings daily to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing. Apply cold water to the area to clean the wound and decrease inflammation. Application of an antiseptic solution such as betadine, may improve outcome. Do not apply topical medication without first consulting your veterinarian as some dressings, particularly caustic dressings, may be harmful.

For many years the Laserex 3000 with 3 models to choose from has been a well kept secret among top animal specialist and performance horse owners/competitors. There are few lasers of such high quality, versatility and safety. This very portable cold laser is easy to use, powerful to get the job done and can safely produce and deliver as much therapeutic revitalizing energy to the cells and tissues that they need, while simultaneously helping to minimize inflammation up to 70%.

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About the Author:
For over 30 years Kalon Prensky has been a writer, educator and health advocate. He specializes in teaching about rehabilitation, rejuvenation, Therapeutic Lasers, Equine Laser and Laserex 3000 laser healing technologies, and nutrition.


May 30, 2017
by Kalon Prensky

44 Cold Lasers with FDA Clearance

Did you know that over 44 Cold Lasers have Received FDA Clearance for Human Use Applications in the US?

The use of Cold Lasers and the birth of Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) began in the 1960s by a Hungarian physician named Endre Mester. It was further supported by Albert Einstein, who said, “I will think for the rest of my life about what light is.” Cold laser devices are also known as Low Level Lasers for use in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which now has a 50+ year track record of success in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions. They have been very successful and in some cases, totally life transforming for use in  musculoskeletal conditions, and made famous in the US in a GM Study for the relief of carpal tunnel syndrome. Helping many people to prevent the need for operations. Cold Laser Therapy is being used successfully to promote natural PAIN RELIEF and to treat fibromyalgia, inflammatory conditions, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, wound healing, smoking cessation, weight loss, body contouring, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, tennis and golfer’s elbow, neck, back, leg, foot, arm, hand and finger pain and much more.  The recommended dosage, number of treatments, and length of treatment vary from one device to another, and results vary from person to person. There is a wide range of power output and price differences in the different cold laser therapy devices. More recently there has been a move by practitioners to more powerful Hot Lasers AKA Class IV Lasers, which are considerably more expensive, but work much faster.

In 2002 the first Cold Laser or Low Level Laser received FDA Clearance.

Erchonia manufactured and marketed their cold lasers specifically to the Chiropractic market and price was high at about $12,000 to $16,000. They specialized in pulsed Red diode lasers with low power of 10-20mW. Next came the ML830 Cold Laser, which sported 100mw of Continuous Wave (CW) near Infrared (IR) Laser.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies many Cold Laser devices as Class II devices as “lamp, non-heating, for adjunctive use in pain therapy” (product code NHN) and others have an ILY rating. The fact is, no lasers can be sold in the US for use on humans without either receiving an FDA clearance for such, or being in an IRB, which conducts clinical studies on patients in order to get a better understanding of clinical outcomes.

Between 2002 and 2016 44 Cold Laser Devices Received 510(k) Clearance for marketing or Cold Laser Therapy devices for temporary pain relief and other ailments. A 510(K) is a premarket submission made to FDA to demonstrate that the device to be marketed is at least as safe and effective, that is, substantially equivalent, to a legally marketed device (21 CFR §807.92(a)(3)) that is not subject to premarket approval.

Here is a Partial List of the 44 Low Level Lasers Marketed in the US:

Acculaser Pro Low Level Laser Therapy Device; Acculaser Pro4; Axiom Biolaser LLLT Series-1; Axiom Biolaser LLLT Series-3; Bioptron Pro Light Therapy System and Bioptron Compact III Light Therapy System; Collagentex Rx-1; Diobeam 830; Elite Electromed L.I.T.E. 4/1; Erchonia’s Allay, Emerge, EML Laser, EML Laser; Evri, Mis-Ac Derma Scanner, Pl2000, Pi5000, Pi Touch, and TH1 Laser; Excalibur IV Light Therapy System Model SGEX4-001; Excalibur Light Therapy System Model SGLEX-04-001; GRT Lite Model 8-A; Lapex 2000; Laser Helmet, Lasertouchone; Lazrpulsr 4x; Ld-I 75 And LD-I 200; LEP2000 Therapy System; Lightstream Low Level Laser; Luminex LL Laser System; Lx-100 Hair Growth Stimulation System; Medx LCS Laser Series; MRM Multi Radiance Medical Laser Therapy Systems, Microlight 830 Laser System (ML830); NMA 1052 Console System With NMA 100 Laser Accessory; Omega Excel/XP Laser System; Power Laser 90; QLaser System; Quantum Light Therapy System; Scalar Wave Laser Therapy System, Sunetics Clinical Bio-Stimulation Laser; TerraQuant Laser Therapy Systems, Theralase TLC-2000 Therapeutic Medical Laser System; Thor DDII 830CL3 Laser System; Tlc-2000 Therapeutic Medical Laser System; and Trilumina Therapeutic Laser System. Most of the clearances were for symptoms related to wrist pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome, but a few mentioned temporary relief of muscle stiffness, minor arthritis pain, and/or temporary increase in local blood circulation. The FDA has also cleared one device, the LTU-904 Portable Laser Therapy Unit. Several of these companies are no longer in business.

You can learn about 25+ of the Preferred  Cold Laser Therapy Devices for Home and Professional use Online at: Cold Laser Supplies

May 17, 2017
by Kalon Prensky

Cold Laser Therapy Protocols Books


NEW eBOOK – on Cold Laser Therapy – Reveals how to treat hundreds of issues with a laser probe.
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Cold Laser Therapy – Over 250 Protocols made easy – the 22 AcuPoint HEALING SYSTEM.
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Cold Laser Therapy: 22 Acupoint Healing System


Now you can receive the ORIGINAL 250 Protocols made easy eBook with the 22 Acu-Point Healing System plus a comprehensive overview of the Micro-Systems including numerous charts such as 2 Auricular Therapy Charts, and detailed hand and foot charts. I love working with the Micro-Systems because it’s so easy, and soon you will too.

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 a Virtual Library of OVER 500 PROTOCOLS

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March 23, 2017
by Kalon Prensky

Laser Wavelength and Therapeutic Window

The two most studied and used wavelength ranges are red laser and near Infrared Laser and offer a generous selection of therapeutic lasers that operate in the range of the most commonly proven wavelengths, which are used in the majority of the practitioner-grade products.

Many people are confused about finding and choosing the right wavelength. This article will help you to more confidently wade through the noise, hype and claims and make a more educated decision. The obscure 1064nm wavelength for example, falls in the NIR category at the far end of the Infrared Laser Spectrum. Even if there were an individual study that showed promising results for some condition,  I do not believe that it would produce superior results than the 780nm to 905nm wavelength range of lasers that are more commonly available. These are the ones that are most highly used and promoted for the simple reason that they work.

Although some manufacturers or researchers have made claims of effectiveness in certain situations for an obscure wavelength, doesn’t necessarily mean that other wavelengths would not produce similar or even better results.

The wavelength of the light significantly affects depth of penetration and it interacts with tissue in the body. Although there is no one right answer, the general consensus is as follows:

  • Using different wavelengths allows more flexibility in a treatment. Each wavelength can affect cells in a slightly different way. This provides the option for several different mechanisms to treat the same or multiple issues in a single client.
  • Infrared diodes in the 800nm range (780nm to 830nm) are best for deep tissue work because they are not quickly absorbed by hemoglobin or water.
  • Many higher-end and more expensive cold lasers and super pulsed lasers offer wavelengths in the 904nm and 905nm range, because they have proven results over many year of successful application.
  • Class IV lasers commonly use the 980nm wavelength. They share some therapeutic characteristics 780nm to 850nm lasers, however the bulk of the energy goes to creating thermal gradients in the H2O that increase circulation and blood flow. The increase in circulation allows the bodies natural healing process to accelerate. Consequently, the Class IV lasers have become quite popular for high-end pain control and some doctors prefer the 980nm system due to quicker treatment times and high level of pain control. Additionally, 980nm can also serve well in some cases for a surgical laser. The flipside to 980nm is that much of the energy converts into heating water in tissue, which is great for laser surgery but less productive for therapy.
  • Emitters in the 600nm to 660nm range are recommended for treating, inflammation, root nerve, acupuncture and trigger points. Red light lasers are great for soft tissues and small joints, with shallow penetration. They are useful as a guiding light when used in combination with infrared lasers.
  • The growing consensus in the cold laser industry is that multiple wavelengths are needed to most effectively treat the widest range of conditions. The type of healing needed will dictate to the laser user which wavelength is preferred. For example, Red lasers are great for soft tissue and offer the strongest anti-inflammatory effects, and Infrared Lasers deliver a significantly longer wavelength, typically down to the bone level and are preferred for hard tissue issues such as bones, tendons, ligaments, spine and large and small joints of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Fortunately, protocols that call for treatment of acupoints (acupuncture points) can be treated with nearly all of the therapeutic wavelength lasers because an acupoint is close to the surface of the skin as revealed by heat and skin resistance sensors. These points are revealed as a small explosion of heat beneath the skin. Anything you can do with a needle, you can do with a laser, just faster, easier, more effectively and completely painlessly.

NEW BOOK NOW AVAILABLE – Cold Laser Therapy – Reveals how to treat 250 Common Issues with a laser probe. It’s called,

Cold Laser Therapy – Over 250 Protocols made easy – the 22 AcuPoint HEALING SYSTEM. Also includes two popular Auricular Therapy Charts for many additional treatment options. 
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The ailments are listed in alphabetical order with suggested points and a reference of images and written descriptions of point location, depicting the precise body point for treating with  your cold laser. Below is an example of the image files that are presented with each condition. As you can see, the points are clearly shown so that anyone can find them. They also come with a description of how to find them with ease and precision. Also included are two BONUS Auricular therapy charts for easy treatment of many more issues.

Acupressure Analysis Computer Program

Cold Laser Power Level, Dosage, Protocols and Size of Treatment Area

In addition to wavelength, other factors that can be equally important to the effectiveness of cold lasers are power level, accuracy of the dosage, range of the protocols, and the size of the treatment area. Other factors to consider before purchasing a cold laser are the warranty period, build quality, device interface and of course, the overall safety of the product. In reality, it seems like all the cold lasers on the market have a unique value proposition (cost versus benefit) and they are all good at helping people with pain management and healing.

Therapy Laser Cellular Targets

The Therapeutic Window

So in some cases therapist are targeting the circulatory system so they use 660nm and 905nm but if you are treating deep damaged tissue like many structural problem, you want to push the energy as deep as possible. Below is a modified graph of the energy absorption by wavelength for hemoglobin HbO2 and Hb (per the University of Essex). Variations of this graph are used across the web. I have added in the absorption of light energy by H2O in purple. This graph show a low spot in the absorption of light where light can travel the greatest distance. This low spot is called the therapeutic window. There is a lot of literature emphasizing the therapeutic window and how it is used to predict the best wavelength for therapy lasers. Recent developments show that each wavelength has advantages but 800 to 860nm could be the best wavelength if you can only choose one because it has the best combination of depth of penetration (low absorption), cellular interaction and energy transfer efficiency.

Is There A Magic Wavelength?

No. Some manufacturers say one wavelength is the “magic” wavelength and other wavelengths, in the therapeutic window, are less effective for healing. If you study specifications for laser diodes, you will typically see that lower cost “810nm” diode can range from 800nm to 860nm when tested. For an additional cost, a diode manufacturer will pick and choose diodes from a larger run if you need a tight-tolerance higher-cost diode but most manufacturer do not do this. They purchase standard tolerance diodes so your 830nm laser could be actually operating at 800nm. If you check the specs on a 660 nm laser diodes like the ones used in medical lasers, you will find that the manufacturer specs the range from 635 nm to 670 nm. That means that a 660 nm laser might be 635 nm and vice versa.

Don’t be fooled by anyone who says that 660 nm is better than 635 nm or that 830nm is better than 810nm or any laser claiming they have a superior wavelength within the tolerance of a standard laser diode. They could easily be the exact same diode but the manufacturer is over-marketing a non-existent difference.

The actual output wavelength is also based on the temperature of the diode. The output change for a typical IR diode is 0.3nm/oC so the wavelength when you first turn a system on (20oC) will be 3 to 10 nanometers less than it would be at the full operating diode temperature (up to 40oC). This also shows that any manufacturer that is saying their system has a superior specific wavelength is probably over-marketing.

Emphasis on the higher frequency ranges (IR) and deeper penetrations are echoed by a majority of cold laser manufacturers. Although each manufacturer insists that their wavelength is optimal, there is no general consensus on the sweet spot. For some conditions the lower wavelength is best and sometimes a higher wavelength is best therefore, having a system that is capable of dual wavelengths gives you the most flexibility.


AVANT has achieved what no other laser has ever done at this point in COLD LASER HISTORY, until now. They have just released their newest laser, the LZ30-Z which delivers a huge amount of safe power in both Red and IR and fits in the palm of your hand, with variable Hz frequencies and easy to navigate, preloaded protocol settings. It’s unheard of in the industry. Super easy to use, ultra-portable, all digital and works wonders on a wide range of conditions. AVANT has done it again!

The ultimate laser for practitioners who appreciate having a small, portable, pocket size laser that delivers more power, protocols and frequency combinations than 99% of all desktop cold lasers in both red and infrared wavelengths. The ultimate in fast and effective treatments.


  • 1400mW of power at 808 nanometer wavelength.
    This is the infrared wavelength for deep PAIN RELIEVING penetration to the bone. Compare with ML830, which uses three 33mW diodes = 100mW Total Power. LZ30-Z has 14 times the power of a 100mW laser. Like having 14 of the other brand lasers in the palm of your hand.
  • 1000mW of power at 637 nanometer wavelength.
    This is the red wavelength for superior anti-inflammatory effects and injury recovery of all soft tissue issues, nerves, gums, wounds, burns, shallow muscles. Compare with PL5000 Erch, which has four 5mW red laser diodes at 635 nanometer, which = 20mW of power.
    With AVANT LZ30-Z & LZ30-X Lasers you get both red and infrared laser wavelengths in the highest power ever offered. The dual wavelength digital system can work with your choice of simultaneously or individually, with a large selection of preset Hz frequency pulsed protocols. Super easy to use, and fits in your pocket! AMAZING!!!

AVANT LZ30-Z Professional Use Cold Laser System with Maximum Power 1400mW of Infrared laser, plus 1000mW of red laser.
DUAL WAVELENGTHS, can be used individually or together along with up to 500 preset frequency settings through the digital interface.

AVANT LZ30-X Professional Use Cold Laser System with Maximum Power 900mW of Infrared laser, plus 250mW of red laser.
DUAL WAVELENGTHS, can be used individually or together along with up to 500 preset frequency settings through the digital interface.

AVANT lasers include a generous 3-year top-to-bottom warranty and unlimited support plan.

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