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Compare MedX Laser with Other Cold Lasers


Many of my customers are asking the same question.

“How do you choose a cold laser and how do you compare one low level laser against another?”

Are you confused?

Following is a list of downloadable comparison charts that show the difference between popular cold lasers on the market and the MedX Laser / Phototherapy System. You will see side by side comparisons of the MedX with the Erchonia Laser, the K-Laser Class IV Laser, Chattanooga Laser, Dynatronics Laser, Anodyne Laser and Apollo Laser. Learn the differences and see for yourself why the MedX Phototherapy system is in a class all by itself. These are MS Word.doc files. To view them you can just left click on each link or to download them to your computer desktop right click and save target at desktop.

MedX vs Erchonia Laser

MedX vs K-Laser

MORE Info on Class IV Lasers

MedX vs Chattanooga Laser

MedX vs Dynatronics Laser

MedX vs Anodyne Laser

MedX vs Apollo Laser

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