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LLLT Research, Info and Downloadable Files


This page is a compilation of downloadable files about cold lasers and healing light. It is filled with valuable information and research about the many uses and applications of LLLT and Phototherapy.

A Comprehensive 6 page article from the magazine “Practical Pain Management” defining the use of Cold Lasers for PAIN MANAGEMENT.
Cold Lasers in Pain Management PDF

This is a well researched 9 page account of the use of LLLT to accelerate the reduction of inflammation and pain and speed healing.
Laser accelerated healing through reduction of pain and inflammation PDF

This is a 5 page Extendicare Study: Wound Care Research Study Across Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Extendicare Study PDF

Learn about the use of LEDs and Healing Light in space with NASA.
NASA Uses Healing Light in Space PDF

This file contains 4 pages of positive double blind studies about the use Cold Laser Therapy.
Positive Double Blind Studies PDF

75% Rule Puts Serious Squeeze on IRF Admissions.
75% Rule PDF

MedX Protocol for decreased circulation of the lower limbs.
Protocol for decreased circulation PDF

MedX Customer/Client survey of 130 skilled nursing facilities over 12 months.
MedX customer/client survey PDF

MedX Patient Log.
MedX Patient Log PDF


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