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Is there a difference between a laser and an LED


Is there a difference between a LASER, an LED, an SLD, an IRD and a diode?

Yes, there is an important difference, which comes down to coherence and depth of penetration. A cold laser uses coherent, polarized light that is highly focused and columnated, allowing it to travel in a straight line for long distances or to penetrate into the deeper layers of the body. Diode is the term used to describe the element from which the light is emitted. There are many different types and qualities of diodes.

The light emitted from an LED, SLD and IRD is monochromatic, non coherent light, which is useful for treatment of superficial tissues such as wounds and skin conditions. The super luminous diode (SLD) and infrared diode (IRD) varieties are deeper penetrating up to a couple of inches. In comparative studies, lasers have been shown to be more effective and faster working. Some of the most effective and versatile lasers on the market utilize both laser and LED light output. Beware of SCAM companies who are peddling LED’s in the guise of a LASER. If the diode is an LED then the device is not a true laser.

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