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Is cold laser therapy scientifically well documented


35 years and over 2500 cold laser therapy research studies say that, yes – low level laser therapy (lllt) is scientifically well documented

Cold Laser Therapy will naturally not work on anything, however due to the fact that it treats at a cellular level, it is successful at treating an astounding level of conditions. Some research has failed to demonstrate effect in several indications, however proper treatment is dependant upon numerous factors including dosage, diagnosis, frequency of treatment, length of treatment and treatment technique.

More than 2500 research reports are published and more than 100 double-blind positive studies confirm the clinical effect of cold laser therapy. Over 90% of the 370 studies revealed in the limited LLLT dental literature alone verify the clinical value of cold laser therapy.

Additionally, cold laser therapy has been used worldwide for over 35 years and its application for healing is becoming more and more perfected for a wider and wider range of conditions including dimentia, anti-aging, sports performance, pain control, diabetes, smoking cessation, weight control, drug and alcohol treatment and much more.

Europe and Asia are the forerunners of low level laser therapy followed by Australia and Canada for well over 20 years. Millions of people accross the globe are using and benefiting from cold laser therapy and phototherapy. The United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) finally started approving cold lasers for use in numerous capacities in 2002 and since then at least 26 different lasers have been cleared.

Thousands of research studies are available on the use and reseach of cold laser therapy and you can click this link to see a sampling of them. Dozens of cold laser research studies.

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