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Press Release – Cold Lasers Have Gone Digital


Press Release for April 2nd, 2008 “ ” Scalar Wave Lasers, Maui HI

scalar wave laser scaler lasers

Announces the Prelaunch Release of Planet Earth’s Newest and Most Revolutionary Laser:
The Scalar Wave Lasers with Pulsar Probes and the all new VioWave 70mW, 405 nm violet laser probe, which represent a new erra of healing laser technology. The Scalar Wave Laser is the “Mother Ship” of laser technology available at an affordable price. It is the first fully digital cold laser capable of delivering any frequency or combination of frequencies the user desires. Plus is is “Scalar Enhanced” with a patent pending technology to “erase” old cellular memory.

Where other lasers only have 1-4 diodes in 1 or 2 wavelengths, the Scalar Wave Lasers have 36 diodes in multiple wavelengths. While other lasers have limited or no frequency capabilities, the Scalar Wave Laser can be programmed by the user to deliver any frequency desired and it comes with 110 frequency settings allready programmed in for quick ease of use. While other lasers have minimal laser probe options, the Scalar Wave Laser has 3 super Pulsar Probes to choose from and they are all “scalar wave enhanced” and designed to carry any frequency or combination of programmed frequencies desired. Now that’s “REVOLUTIONARY” and unheard of in any other lasers.

Scalar Wave Lasers’ cold laser systems are a completely safe and a highly effective means to improved health and well-being. They are registered as Class 1, Non-Significant Risk Devices.

If you ever wanted to get the “Mercedes Benz” of lasers at the “Ford” price then check out the Scalar Wave Lasers. They are made right at home in the good old USA and come with a 2 year warranty, carrying case, training manual, DVD and free shipping.

Learn more about Scalar Wave Lasers online or call Toll Free 888-824-7558 to get your hands on the most advanced healing technology known to man.

FIRST ALL DIGITAL HEALING LASER! Download This FREE 3 page brochure, and learn why SCALAR WAVE LASERS are the most advanced Cold Lasers of the 21st Century.
ight Click Here: Scalar Wave Lasers.pdf

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