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Does Higher Hz Mean More Power


Does Higher Hz Mean More Power?

A customer researching cold lasers recently emailed me asking a question about Hz out-put and the power of a cold laser called the Theralaser T2000. Following is her exact question and my reply:


“Your Theralaser T2000 goes up to P4 1550 so what would 2336 and 4672 be used for and is that more powerful than yours?”



Dear Margot,

Typically the higher the Hz number, the more superficial the laser penetration, and the lower the number the deeper the penetration. In many cases with a superpulsed laser it is not necessary to go any higher than 12000-15000 Hz. The way superpulsed laser works is that in a given window of time the laser will pulse from 200-400 nanoseconds, delivering 10 deep penetrating powerful bursts at 10 Hz or 15,000 shallow pulses at 15,000 Hz. The relatively high power with small Hz # backing up these pulses allows for the deepest possible cold laser penetration to target tissues with the maximum number of photons delivered to the target tissue.

The higher 15K Hz works more superficially delivering more energy faster in the same given time, but delivering the photonic energy on a much shallower level for treatment of skin and wounds. More is not necessarily better, it just depends upon what your needs are and what you want to accomplish. With regards to power, that is measured in milliwats (mW), I have never seen another laser that has a higher peak power than the Theralaser T2000, which delivers 210,000 mW of peak power. Nothing ever comes close to that.

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