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Quasar Capsule of Youth Light Therapy


This Quasar Capsule is a Total Body Light Therapy Option for the following health & beauty care industries: anti-aging facilities, skin care clinics, day spas, medi-spas, gyms, massage therapy locations and for sports teams and athlete trainers.

quasar capsule of yourth

Use the Quasar Light Capsule to increase performance, accelerate recovery, reduce or eliminate pain, heal, firm and tonify skin conditions, and reverse aging. The treatments are effective & affordable. Your facility can now cash in on this profitable light therapy revolution.
Quasar Capsule of Youth Features:

Dimensions: 80″L x 37W” x 32″H

Treatment area: 5,250 Sq. In.

Power output: 47,846.4 mW

Timer Control: 1-99 minutes with auto shut off.

Pulsing: 0 to 5000 hz.

Adjustable Duty Cycle: 5% to 95%

Weight: 220 lbs.

Cooling System: Internal Cooling Fan Dual Power Supply included

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