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Difference Between a Home and Professional use Cold Laser


Question: My Chiropractor has been using cold laser on me and I am amazed at the results.  I do not know what brand it is, but it looks like your equipment.  Can you tell me what the difference is between the professional and home use cold laser models?

Answer: The difference between professional and home use cold laser equipment is determined by several variables of which I will reveal below. You can view home use lasers here, and professional use lasers here.

A cold laser is defined by many parameters including the wavelength(s) measured in nm, the power density measured in mW and other factors such as added healing energies that the equipment may or may not feature such a Hz frequencies, therapeutic magnetic energy, scalar waves, soliton waves, and so fourth. Other factors that come into play are ease of use, portability, quantity of diodes, type(s) of diodes, price, clearances and what it is that you want to work on or treat personally or professionally. Most cold laser equipment can be purchased by anyone, so it often comes down to what price you can afford. More expense does not inherently mean a better or a stronger healing laser. However, with most brands of cold laser you can purcase a low end or high end product, which is often determined by the quality and quantity of laser diodes and/or LED’s contained within the unit, along with other possible features, which change from manufacturer to manufacturer.

For further support in making an educated decision on which therapeutic cold laser would suit your needs and budget please call one of our laser specialists for a free consultation toll free at 1-888-824-7558.


  1. In order to treat such a wide range of conditions with a single laser, you must get a laser that has multiple wavelengths. Red lasers treat soft tissues and Infrared lasers treat hard tissues.
    Two lasers that combine both of these wavelengths and have been proven effective and cleared by the FDA for over the counter purchase are the TerraQuant Laser, with the TQ Solo starting at just $1995 and the Quantumwave laser which starts at $3295 on sale (these prices are subject to change without notice).

  2. I have some information about the Cold Lasers, but I would like some more. I have D/C some surgery on my knees.

    • Hello and thank you for your post. As a DC you will be able to take advantage of the Terraquant Pro, TQ Elite or TQ LaserStim to benefit both yourself and your patients. These are top selling lasers for use in Chiropractic clinics. All of them work very well for treating knee pain, injuries of all kinds, spinal rehab and chronic pain syndromes that do not respond well to other types of treatment. Follow this link to review a complete selection of Terraquant lasers:

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