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Cold LaserStim Now Available


LaserStim EMITTER now available from Quantum Healing Lasers
(This is a prescription product only available to licensed practitioners)

AIM laser stim emitter

The Laser Stim Emitter is a special, one of a kind FDA approved Laser plus Stim Combination emitter for peak combination therapy and performance. It provides simultaneous or independent light and electrical stimulation. It delivers 25,000mW of 905 nm Peak Infrared Laser, Super Pulsed Power, plus four 660 nm Red LEDs, four 875 nm Infrared SLDs, and static magnetic field energy.

This New Emitter Comes Standard with the LaserStim Package, which is available for Health Care Practitioners only. Please call for details and Best Price. All of our LaserStim Packages come with a TerraQuant MR4 equivalent control unit with 2 ports, which allows 2 emitters to run simultaneously. You can get the LaserStim Emitter alone with control unit, or mix and match between any of the 5 emitters shown on this page and we will custom make a package for your needs and budget. All Packages come standard with hard body carrying case, 2 pair of eye goggles, instructions, user manual and FREE SHIPPING.

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