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Scalar Wave Laser Protocols and Unified Field



Meet the newest FDA cleared cold laser:

The Scalar wave laser is a cold laser that uses Unified Field (quantum field) protocols to unwind various aspects of the body in an alchemical way through the cells, chakras, glands, meridians and other sacred points of the body. This unwinding process has positively effects the cells DNA, RNA and ability to produce ATP.

The Unified Field Protocol:

The Unified field protocol is a proprietary process for unwinding cells, organs, glands, meridians, and chakras into the unified field.

Basically all cells and body systems are designed to be relaxed and at ease in neutrality. The universe is 99% neutral Energy or space and when we relax and unwind the polarity, or cell memory, the cell opens up to this unified field of energy.

Cranial Sacral Wave Front:

The Scalar Laser protocols work with the systematic understanding of osteopathic principle in order to unwind the sympathetic nervous system and to reintegrate into the parasympathetic nervous system dominant state, which is where yogis and mystics reside and where the greatest potential for healing exists. When we are relaxed and at ease and the cranial sacral wave front is unwound, it shifts or neutralizes into the quantum state often called the still point. Yogis and Mystics refer to this place as the space between the breath.

The Unified Field protocol aims to return the cellular field or body to this quantum state of Being neutral. Which naturally plugs us into the vast and neutral field of energy which makes up this universe.

The Glands or Sacred Points:

The glands or sacred points are key in this process. In fact the Unified Field protocols center around the glands and the understanding that the glands govern the cranial sacral wave front of the body and also condition everything from Chakra plexuses to the nervous system and the cells of the body.

It is the view that the glands work through a principle called Entrainment which simply means that they are conditioned by the people they have been around such as family. This is the same principle that happens when women live in a house together and their monthly cycles come together.

The Scalar Laser and Unified Field protocol unwinds the glandular entrainment in a systematic fashion which unwinds the cranial sacral system and all cells in the body simultaneously.

The Alchemical Nature:

As the adrenals are unwound the sympathetic nervous system unwinds and the alchemical and Higher Dimensional nature of the glands activates returning the body to a more coherent state of being.

This process also activates key neurotransmitters and sacred substances such as oxcytocin which further helps to free the body of stress and tension and induce more enjoyable state of being. The key is to clear out the excess adrenaline from the body and to activate the quantum anatomy and subtle hormones responsible for unity plane Consciousness. The Quantum Energy Clearings also clear energetic debree so this state can be attained.

The Quantum Anatomy:

As the body dissolves into neutrality, the subtle quantum anatomy activates. The basic protocol or sequence of the Unified Field protocol is that the DNA induces the glands, which then conditions the cranial sacral wave condition, which in turn activates the plexuses of energy, the organs and all the cells in a given area.

The protocol also works great to de stress injuries, dis ease, other types of stress and tensions by shifting the cell memory or contraction of energy. This approach works great for everything from the smallest cells and DNA to the larger organs and even the Emotions and entire chakra field of energy.

It does not Matter what you are working on the Scalar Laser works to shift or neutralize polarity into neutrality. This phenomena occurs in all phenomena from the particle/wave, to this planet/star, to the body/unified field. Remember the goal is to recognize that each of these are in fact one phenomena and conditioned when we approach them with a complete understanding of polarity, neutrality and scalar wave physics.

Quantum Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging:

Adrenaline is the biggest epidemic on the Planet and is responsible for everything from Chronic pain and stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, dis ease and most of all aging.

Studies have shown that when the adrenals are constantly releasing adrenaline and cortisol this shuts down the other glands including the thymus or heart chakra gland responsible for immunity and anti-aging.

What happens is that whenever adrenaline is released the cells get the signal to turn on then off. As this happens they shift polarity and subsequently lose their charge, their oxygen and energy and aging occurs.

This process shortens the telomeres or scalar antenna on the DNA which as they get shorter limits the ability to grow new cells, until life cannot go on in this form.

There is a view that both Scalar Waves and the Violet cold laser spectrum optimizes and enhances this quantum rejuvenation effect on activating Telomerase and the Telomere length. The protocols also aim to activate stem cells, key neurotransmitters and sacred compounds of the body, and further refine and activate the genetic sequencing capabilities of the quantum field.

In addition to all of the amazing health and Wellness applications of the Scalar Laser the primary applications have to do with the Subtle Energy and shift toward unity plane consciousness.

Many who use the Scalar Laser start off by using the laser for stress reduction of pain and injuries and then expand their uses to the subtler work of dealing with emotions, the chakras, quantum healing, and unity plane consciousness.

Scalar Laser Protocol:

The Scalar Laser comes with over a 100 preset programs for dealing with all the cells of the body, all organs, glands and systems of the body. Settings also include all the chakras, meridians and more alchemical explorations.

The Unified field protocol is not based on germ theory or the attempt to fix or cure. It is based on the principle and understanding of pleomorphic principle that the body finds solutions to situations when it is relaxed and at ease and when all of its systems are up and running, and working together.

The body is all Light and the Unified Field protocol is designed to return all cells, organs, and the entire body/field to coherence, natural wave structure and return to the Unity Plane consciousness.

Scalar Lasers is pleased to introduce our revolutionary new line of cold lasers. All soft laser systems are portable handheld units designed to be used by lay persons or professionals alike. All Scalar Lasers come with rechargeable ac adapter, plug ins for the pulsar probes, DVD training and users manual.

Over 100 Preset Programs for the Scalar Laser or Quantumwave Laser:


The Scalar Laser comes with over a 100 preset programs for dealing with all the cells of the body, all organs, glands and systems of the body. Settings also include all the chakras, meridians and more alchemical explorations. This is the listing of the programs.

• Essentials – Unwinding, Quantum, Relieve, Pleo, Activate, Rejuv, Soothe, Unity, Vital, Cohere, Wave

• Glands – Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenal, Pancreas, Sexual, Prostate, Adrenals

• Organs – Sexual, Kidneys, Liver, Bladder, Sm. Intestines, Lungs, Colon, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Stomach, Brain, Spleen, Lymph System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Heart, Brain

• Plexus – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Diaphragm, Sexuality, Root

• Chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

• Meridians – Governor, Conception, Liver, Gall Bladder, Endocrine, Constrictor, Kidney, Bladder, Small Intestines, Heart, Spleen Stomach, Large Intestines, Lung

• Cellular – DNA, RNA, Blood, Fat Cells, Muscles, Bone, Fascia, Ears, Facial, Scars, Disc, Capillaries, Muscles, Ligaments, Bones, Neurons, Cellular Regeneration

• Unique – Serotonin, Detox, Endorphins, Wellbeing, Sleep, Relaxation, Tantra, 5htp, Stress Relief, Neromuscular, Ozone, Silica, Hydrogen, Enkephalin, Wave, Frontal Lobe, Expand

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    Can i buy the Scalar product locally here in Ontario Canada if so what is the cost . I am looking for my own personal use . There is a lot of conflicting information on what can and cannot be imprted into Canada . I also notice that you offer training in the use of the device is that conducted locally

    thanks Ken

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