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Scalar Wave Laser Testimonials

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The Scalar Wave Laser, aka Quantumwave Laser has received numerous glowing testimonials over the years.
scalar wave laser

Please visit the following site to review a sampling of the many cold laser testimonials from satisfied Scalar Wave Laser users.

“4 months of back pain gone after just one treatment” MM

“One womans hearing in her left ear was so bad she couldn’t use that side to talk on the phone – after one session – her hearing is restored. On & on – I have found great success in 90% of the people – after 1-3 sessions.” SG

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Scalar Wave Laser PDF Brochure (click or right click and download – save target as desktop) This comprehensive file reveals the full profile of the Scalar Wave Laser, which is called the Quantumwave Laser.

Scalar Wave Laser Testimonials have been shared with us for your information, opinions and testimonials offered here have not been approved by the FDA and are not the property of Quantum Wave, LLC, Quantum Healing Lasers or Health Is Wealth Maui LLC. These statements are not intended to diagnose or treat illness or disease, and they are the sole and exclusive property of the person providing the statement. We recommend that you consult your physician or health care provider for all questions related to health, pain, disease and other concerns.

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  1. You would need a laser that has deep penetration for the spine and that is proven to increase microcirculation for the neuropathy. When the capillaries no longer transfer blood to the extremeties, it results in poor circulation. I like the Terraquant lasers because they are proven to increase microcirculation and provide penetration up to 5″. Any of the Terraquant models are good, combining 4 different healing energies in each emitter head. The TQ Solo has 15,000 mW of peak power, the TQ Pro has 25,000 mW of peak power and the LS50 has 50,000 mW of peak power. Get the most power you can afford and use as directed in the user manual.

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