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First Violet Laser at an Affordable Price


FINALLY – VIOLET LASER AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE – Learn about the Amazing Anti-Aging Telomerase Enzyme Below. Violet laser supports the production of the Telomeres. See Below for more info.

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New SPECIAL OFFER – Scalar Wave Laser. The ultimate all digital Scalar Wave Laser System delivers cutting edge cold laser therapy and complimentary medicine. It’s completely safe, non-invasive, highly portable, easy to use for the average person, FDA Cleared and affordable. It combines numerous diodes in the red, infra red and violet wavelengths, which is significant because it supports the donating of energy in the form of photons to many different cells within the body. This allows us to treat the widest range of conditions with a single laser. What makes these lasers truly revolutionary is that we process the waves digitally through a patent pending technology which modulates the subtle quantum wave relativity of the light. This Wavestar technology allows it to generate scalar waves and a number of other wave forms all in sine wave (or rounded organic waves). Most cold laser systems use simple on/off square waves. The Scalar Wave Laser is the first cold laser to introduce violet laser technology at an affordable price. The violet spectrum has far reaching health and regenerative benefits. It is particularly effective at inducing key enzymes within the cell such as the telomerase enzyme and in activating the DNA sequencing for anti-aging and rejuvenation. This new violet laser wavelength takes low level lasers to the next level of quantum medicine. The research and development centers around the world are studying the shifting and deletion of the cell’s polarity of cell memory, and we are seeing great results with unwinding the glands – which govern the cranial sacral system, the organs, and all cells of the body. “You are as young as your glands and organs.”

The Following Telomerase info is From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds DNA sequence repeats (“TTAGGG” in all vertebrates) to the 3′ end of DNA strands in the telomere regions, which are found at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. The telomeres contain condensed DNA material, giving stability to the chromosomes. The enzyme is a reverse transcriptase that carries its own RNA molecule, which is used as a template when it elongates telomeres, which are shortened after each replication cycle. The existence of a compensatory shortening of telomere (telomerase) mechanism was first predicted by Soviet biologist Alexey Olovnikov in 1973[1], who also suggested the Telomere hypothesis of ageing and the Telomere’s connections to cancer. Telomerase was discovered by Carol W. Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn in 1985 in the ciliate Tetrahymena.[2] Together with Jack W. Szostak, Greider and Blackburn were awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery.[3]

RNA-directed DNA polymeraseTelomerase illustration.jpg
A conceptual diagram showing the protein component of telomerase (TERT) in grey and the RNA component (TR) in yellow

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