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Healing with a Home Laser


Healing with a Home Laser

Light therapy is not new. It has been around for centuries. The sun for example can be very healing as long as certain precautions are exercised to avoid over exposure. So it is with Home Laser Devices, which are well designed to be extremely safe and effective. The difference being that select wavelengths, power densities and frequencies have been combined in state of the art light therapy devices in order to produce optimal results. The healthcare community has been increasingly embracing low level laser therapy aslo known as cold laser therapy as a valuable tool in the management of numerous health conditions.

Your body is made up of over 70 trillion cells. Your cells use both physical and chemical processes to produce energy and to heal. A healing laser or Cold Laser does not discriminate between cell classes. They work equally well on skin cells, nerve cells, bone cells, brain cells, etc… As long as the laser energy can reach the cells that need support (determined by the wavelength), energy and healing, then the healing process can be initiated. There are over three thousand published papers on light therapy, which is now widely known to promote a variety of functions within the body, including: cellular healing, pain control, relief from inflammation, increased circulation, enhanced wound healing, vascular improvements and activation of chemical, hormonal, enzyme and endorphin substances that support healing. Cold lasers are not only effective, but very safe and also non-invasive.

Cold laser therapy and  low level light therapy is now being used for the treatment of many medical conditions around the world. In 2002 the first cold laser was cleared by the FDA for human use in the United States. Since then many more cold lasers have followed suit. The FDA has presently cleared the use of certain cold lasers for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, temporary relief of pain, control of swelling and vascular improvements. The cold laser is considered by the FDA as a non-significant risk device. Meaning that it does not have enough power to burn or hurt someone.

There are numerous types of lasers used for health and healing. These devices include: hot lasers for surgical procedures, which can cut, burn and vaporize as apposed to cold lasers, which are used for therapeutic treatments to encourage healing, increase biostimulation and support the body on a cellular level. Both types of lasers utilize light as its source, but the power and the classifications of the lasers are different.

For many people having a home laser has become an invaluable part of their life. Home use treatment allows for faster treatment times, more convenience and relief from pain, aches, soreness and injuries that significantly reduce ones quality of life. Home use cold laser therapy is extremely valuable for those individuals who require ongoing treatment or are homebound. Anyone can learn to use a Home Use Laser and receive the benefits and convenience that it offers on a regular basis.

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