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Are Class IV Lasers Better Than Cold Lasers


All Lasers are not created equal. Class IV Laser Manufacturers are leading consumers to believe that their lasers are better than COLD LASERS, because they are more powerful. This is simply not true, and Class IV lasers do not have a 35+ year track record of safety either.

WARNINGS Issued on Class IV Lasers, AKA Hot Lasers, compared to the proven safe cold Lasers

Class IV lasers sell for a going rate of $15,000 – $50,000 for one of their lasers. Is the price justified and are they as safe as a cold laser Class I through Class III?


FDA – Description of Class IV Laser (Laser Product Hazard): Immediate skin hazard and eye hazard from exposure to either the direct or reflected beam; may also present a FIRE HAZARD.

Wikepedia: Class IV/4 lasers CAN BURN SKIN, and in some cases, even scattered light can cause eye and/or skin damage.

Europe (EN & IEC): Class IV is the highest class of laser radiation. Radiation in this class is very dangerous, and viewing of the diffuse reflection may be dangerous. Class 4 laser beams are CAPABLE OF SETTING FIRE to materials onto which they are projected.

If you are thinking of adding a Class IV laser to your practice, make sure you consult a malpractice lawyer. There have been many reported problems with Class IV lasers. In order to use one, you must have a laser officer on staff. Many state associations are currently working to ban these lasers, due to the dangers.

A true COLD LASER is non thermal (no heat). It has been used worldwide for over 35 years, and is very safe to use in your practice.

READ THE FDA WARNING on a Class IV Laser (these lasers can BURN)

FDA WARNING on Class IV Lasers:
Immediate skin hazard and eye hazard from exposure to either the direct or reflected beam; may also present a fire hazard.

Are they safe?

No, they are very dangerous. You should be very careful if you decide to buy one of these lasers. There is a reason the FDA has classified them, “Class IV”.

Class IIIa & IIIb lasers generate no heat, and are proven (20+ years) of being VERY SAFE. They are commonily referred to as “Cold Lasers”. They can be used for an unlimited amount of time, without generating heat or causing harm to you or your patients (if you are a practitioner).

Class IV lasers are VERY DIFFERENT. If you use one of these devices for several minutes, you could cause serious harm to your patients. Most Class IV operating guides, warn about prolonged exposure. They consider a few minutes, prolonged exposure.

If they were “Cold Lasers”, why the warning? “Cold Lasers” do not produce any heat and can be used for any duration of time.

Buyer BEWARE! Only Cold Lasers have the safety rating by the FDA as non-significant risk device, meaning that it is extremely safe for human application. Plus Cold Lasers have been used and tested around the world for over 35 years in over 30 countries. That’s why cold lasers are the first choice in complimentary and alternative medicine practices where safety and results are both important. Click this link to learn more about COLD LASERS

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