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Amazing Heart Disease Remedy or Japanese Story


The Japanese discovered and perfected the Waon Therapy method, which is showing amazing promise with the most pervasive and difficult to treat conditions such as COPD, Heart Failure, Heart Disease and Fibromyalgia. Published studies showing remarkable improvements in COPD and Heart failure, giving hope to millions who have suffered through much pain, sarrow and even death. These are conditions that to date have little to no known interventions, which can create reversals for organ failure of lungs and heart. These are some of the worst health challenge that are plaguing our society in record numbers. Isn’t it about time we learn to use natural remedies to support our own deep healing?

Since the discovery of WAON Therapy – we are now seeing an easy and inexpensive method of treating the whole body.  Since the WAON therapy is shown to produce very favorable results in a relatively short period of time, it is being presumed that it may be capable of being enormously healing for a wide range of ailments related with poor circulation, inflammation and stress.


There is new hope for the many who suffer needlessly. Waon therapy involves the use or application of a specific type of heat to support a course of treatment, allowing the patient or user to experience a feeling of comfort and a pleasant state of mind arising from refreshing perspiration. This controlled environment can be produced with an inexpensive, high quality IR Mat known as a Vita-Mat.

The treatment modality is essentially “Thermal Therapy”.  This WAON therapy has been worked on and perfected since 1989. It is a warming therapy for soothing the mind and body equally, with 60°C dry far-infrared sauna bathing. The name“Waon Therapy,” was adopted to distinguish it from the typical “Thermal Therapy” modality of heat transfer. For example, “local high-heat therapy for cancer” or heat therapy from steam bath or Finish Sauna.  “Waon” is a word coined, and “Waon Therapy,” to explain useing “soothing warmth,” meaning “warmth that comfortably refreshes the mind and body.” “Waon Therapy” is the “Thermal Therapy” that has been perfected and refined for over eighteen years. Therefore, to obtain a correct understanding of “Thermal Therapy” or the Waon modality, we can now refer to it as “Waon Therapy: soothing warmth therapy”.

Can you imagine an “At Home Therapy”, that results in condition reversal in just a few weeks? It’s hard to believe, and of course we make no medical claims, however it might be worth it to give it a try. With the high cost of traditional medical care and the even higher cost of a terminal illness, it just makes plain good sense to utilize natural medicine that has shown good results in overseas studies. WAON therapy results in an immediate feeling of well being, relaxation, and regeneration. You need to experience it to believe it.

WAON Therapy opens micro circulation, which brings blood into tissues that are shut down. This method fulfills the core healing principle of Chinese medicine… The blockage of energy flow is the cause of disease, and the restoration of energy flow is the healing of dis ease. The energy follows the blood, and by opening up deep and thorough blood circulation (micro circulation ), healing results.

* counter pulsation can reverse heat failure in some cases. It requires a very expensive device which shifts the blood from the legs into the general circulation of the torso thereby creating a pooling of excess blood in  where the heart can get more blood. Cost of treatment $150 per session, 35  plus sessions are needed and the machine is only sold to doctors. Rather than spend your time and money on that, perhaps you would like to test out WAON Therapy for yourself in the comfort of your own home?

A temperature controlled environment can be produced with an inexpensive, high quality IR Mat known as a Vita-Mat.
“Waon Therapy” is defined as “therapy in which the entire body is warmed in an evenly heated chamber (device) for 15 minutes at a temperature that soothes the mind and body, and after the deep-body temperature has increased by approximately 1.0-1.2°C, the soothing warmth effects are sustained by maintaining the warmth at rest for an additional 30 minutes, with fluids corresponding to perspiration being supplied at the end.”

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