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#1 Cold Laser Worldwide – Best Price


Now you can get the #1 Cold Laser Worldwide for the best price.

TQ Solo is FDA cleared for home and professional use. This ultra-portable laser is powered by a lithium ion 18 hr long life battery. The world famous TerraQuant Solo is used by people who want the best portable hand-held therapeutic laser at an affordable price. It’s loved by home users, athletes, trainers, therapists, professionals and all individuals interested in maintaining optimum health, increased healing, faster recovery, and a pain free life.

This is a healing laser that was originally designed for treating Russian astronauts, and has since been developed and improved for over the counter purchase and performance without a prescription. FDA and OTC clearance in the US assures top rated safety. Countless people are treating chronic and acute pain without drugs or surgery, in addition to anti-aging of skin and accelerated burn and wound care. If you suffer from pain and prefer to promote healing in your body instead of masking the pain with drugs, then the Terraquant Solo is definitely for you. Most people are so thrilled with it that they take it with them wherever they go and they wonder how they ever lived without it.

Now NEW & IMPROVED with MORE POWER (15,000 mW peak power), deepest penetration of all cold lasers and special skin care, wrinkle and anti-aging frequencies, in addition to the deep penetrating pain relieving and muscle/joint treatment frequencies.

While other companies are selling the TerraQuant Solo for $2495, we are making the Solo available for the LOWEST SALE PRICE EVER, GUARANTEED! Was $2195, but wait, now you can order it for JUST $1995 and Receive FREE UPS SHIPPING when you order from

Quantum Healing Lasers says they will meet or beat any verifiable advertised price and provide prompt free shipping and exceptional customer service. They are the largest TerraQuant distributors in North America. They can be reached toll free at 1-888-824-7558.

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