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Q&A on MedX 1116 vs Chattanooga Laser


Today a customer had some Questions on the MedX 1116 Laser and how it compared to the Chattanooga. My response is below:

Can you tell me what is the peak joules per sq/cm of the MedX 1116 using the 200mW laser probe/emitter?

Joules = Energy. The unit uses 785 nm Infrared laser diodes with total output of 200mW, which produces the following energy per given time over a given area measured in joules/cm squared (2):
• 200mW for 30 seconds produces 6 j/cm2
• 200mW for 60 seconds produces 12 j/cm2
How many minutes does it need to peak joules?
Peak should be attained within 1 min.
The laser comes with the MedX treatment guidelines binder with protocols for treating over 65 conditions. The digital console provides for easy programming for all conditions listed in the manual making precise delivery of joules easy.

What is the max penetration of both the laser and the clusters respectively?
The laser delivers up to 3″ and the cluster goes 1-2″

What are the main differences between the MedX 1116 and the Chattanooga laser?

Depends upon the Chattanooga or MedX device. They have similar laser applicators and features.
The MedX unit has a 785 nm Infrared laser diodes with total output of 200mW compared with the Chattanooga which has an 850nm laser with 200mW power.

Other similar features include:
• Fully functional device with independent control over all parameters
• Display of dosage in choice of joules or joules/cm²
• Continuous and pulsed treatment modes
• Real time feedback of dosage delivered
• Useful selection of clinical indications & user defined protocols

I prefer the MedX 1116 Laser Console over the Chattanooga as it is extremely well made in Canada and stocked in the US and Canada. The MedX has an extremely durable and versatile digital console that is easy to operate and provides all the user friendly parameters that most practitioners are looking for in joules dose dependent protocol style of treatment, which is easy to define thanks to the preprogrammed features and the comprehensive user manual with over 65 effective protocols. The unit is also extremely upgradable for use with other emitters and 500mW LED clusters that can be strapped on and it has 3 independent ports that can all be run individually or at the same time, allowing maximum flexibility. If you want to have UltraSound or Electrim Stim in your practice, consider the popular EVO line of plug and play components with deluxe medical cart.

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