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My Aranizer is the Most Powerful Air Cleaner EVER


Imagine an Air Cleaner-Purifier that makes your life a Happy Place, FREE of foul odors from cooking, pets, bathrooms, toxic chemicals, smoke, exhaust, and virtually all pollutants. DISCOVER THE REVOLUTIONARY AIR CLEANER CALLED an ARANIZER.

The Aranizer is specifically designed to put out high levels of a powerful, natural, oxidizing substance known as Aran. Aran is a form of concentrated Oxygen, and is the world’s most powerful natural sterilizer. To an untrained nose, the smell of Aran could be interpreted as a bleach like odor, especially when turned up too high – for the area being treated, or when it is in the process of oxidizing or neutralizing toxins, allergens, pollution, odors and chemicals.

Aran is safe to breathe, however it is not advisable to keep the Aranizer on at a level that is too high for the size of the room, otherwise it could become uncomfortable. The Aranizer is easy to adjust. Use your good judgement, and your nose to adjust the intensity of the variability knob so that the smell is just barely noticeable.

At the optimum level of intensity the smell of Aran is often referred to as being fresh, like when being near a powerful waterfall,
or crashing waves in the ocean, or after a lightning storm. This is the odor that originally drew me to the Aranizer. It makes me feel good. It immediately destroyed the allergens in my bedroom and I could breath better and I stopped sneezing in the morning and my eyes felt better too. The increased bio-available oxygen is both energizing and relaxing at the same time. My Son’s Asthma and Allergies are now like a distant memory. Life is such a Joy knowing that me and my family can all breathe easy thanks to the Aranizer.

I absolutely love how safe and natural and easy my Aranizer is. Just choose a good location, plug the Aranizer in, and adjust the output intensity. You can practically set it and forget it if you want to. My house, bathrooms and office always smell fresh and clean. It even makes the towels smell better. I use it for so many things. It’s perfect for cleaning the air during and after cooking, or after burning something on the stove, or helping to banish pet odors on an ongoing basis, or when something spills in my car or truck. I just put the Aranizer in the car over night with the window slightly cracked and the unit turned up to high. In the morning my vehicle smells fresh and clean with no chemicals.

Ordinary air cleaners can not do half of what the Aranizer does and you never have to change, replace or clean filters either.

Plus, the Aranizer does not produce any of the potentially toxic Oxides of nitrogen that are common with Ozone Machines. Ozone machines pale in comparison to the Arainizer because they are not as safe. Quite a few manufacturers fail to tell us that. Makes you wonder. I know because I have tested out and used dozens of machines since 1990 when I began my quest for clean air, pure water and freedom from allergens. You should not operate an Ozone Machine where people are present. However, that is not the case with the Aranizer. It is safe for the whole family, including children, pets, birds, and plants. Yet it’s the best defense nature ever made for combating the challenges of both home and work-life on planet earth.

  • The Aranizer and Aranjector are truly a wonder of science, technology and nature.
  • Available at wholesale prices to the public through Health is Wealth Maui LLC, PH: 1-888-824-7558
  • You can view their virtual catalog and see the whole selection of Aranizer Air Cleaner-Purifier Systems ONLINE at:

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