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Terraquant Testimonial after Broken Hip


(No more pain from broken hip and faster healing)

This is my testimony to the benefits of the Terraquant Laser:
TerraQuant Cold LaserThe last weekend on June, 2011 I broke my hip. As I slammed the door of my car, the door knocked me down, which resulted in my hip getting broken. I was in Bend Oregon for my grandson’s 3rd birthday, a 1,000 mile journey from my home. Immediately I thought, “What should I do.” And then I remembered that I had my Terraquant Laser with me, along with a 10 day supply of nutritional supplements including free form amino acids, vitamin C and whole bone calcium. I went immediately to bed in my hotel room and started treating with the laser and taking extra supplements. Since I was not sure what the problem was, it was a day and a half after the fall that I decided that I really couldn’t get on my feet, so I had my brother take me to the hospital.

In the emergency room I got the doctor’s permission to use the laser, which I had brought with me, and to take my supplements. I sent my brother to the health food store to replenish my supply of supplements. By the time I went to the hospital I had no pain in the broken hip. I did still have pain in the other hip, which is badly arthritic, but I had not been treating that hip.

Whenever the nurse asked about my pain level I would give her a number, but it wasn’t from the broken hip, but the other one.  In fact between the Terraquant Laser and my supplements I never had a bit of pain from my broken hip.  I had swelling after the operation, but not from the break.  I did take the prescription pain pills, but after a while I didn’t take them any more because they were less effective than the vitamin C (with Bioflavenoids) or a simple Aspirin. I concluded long ago that the body becomes immune to any analgesic after a while.  So I simply rotate what I take, if I take them at all, between different types. Often a 500 mg of vitamin C eliminates any need for analgesic.

I am quite certain that both the external wound from the operation, and the bone-knitting was enhanced by the Terraquant Laser. The previous winter I had invested in a 2nd emitter (the LS50 Laser Shower), which puts out much more power than the standard emitter. It is what I used most of the time for my healing. I still use the original emitter for my face. Recently I had some problem with my gums. I am now applying the laser to them and the problem is improving.

I know that owning the Terraquant Laser has been a blessing for me. Before I purchased my laser, one Doctor I went to charged $100.00 per session. He was an hour drive one way, and the session was about 10 – 15 min. Since I used the Terraquant Laser once a day in rehab (3 weeks), it has paid for itself several times over.

J. Gillespie,
Costa Mesa, CA.

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