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TerraQuant LaserStim Package Ultimate Diagnostic/Laser/Stim


— Evolution of Laser Therapy — Take Your TerraQuant Laser to the Next Level…

An outstanding offer for Laser Therapy Practitioners who are interested in taking their practice to the next level.

INTRODUCING – the World’s First FDA Cleared
Combination Laser Therapy and Electric Stim Device
which produces incomparable results and allows for insurance reimbursement. Provides an immediate plug and play Diagnostic/Laser/Stim System. Easy, Effective and Reimbursable.

Terraquant Pro Cold Laser Package

Laser-Stim: The Ultimate Cold Laser And Diagnostic Tool

The LaserStim Cold Laser is like no other laser on the market. The LaserStim is unique because, in addition to providing cold laser therapy and electrical stimulation, it has special programming that helps the user to locate damaged tissue. It enables the clinician to identify areas of inflammation-showing optimal treatment areas. During treatment, the LaserStim constantly measures the patients tissue and alerts the user to problem areas by changing the lights on the emitter head from green to red. The red light indicates an area that needs treatment so this feedback helps users find problem areas. Treating deep tissue damage has never been easier. This patented technology called TARGET (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) gives practitioners a look inside their patients body. No other cold laser sold offers this kind of tool.

TerraQuant LaserStim: Super Pulsed Laser-Neuro-adaptive
eStim and TARGET Technology Benefits:

The TQ LaserStim is designed for clinicians dealing with patients who suffer with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis of the joints, back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, sciatic pain and pain associated with acute injuries. Great for patients who have an artificial knee or hip replacement or other metal implants. Can also be used to treat acute pain such as a recent injury, pain following fractured bones, inflammation, & post-surgery. The LaserStim TARGET technology provides an interactive neural stimulation by constantly measuring electro-conductivity of treated tissue.

  • Treats acute and chronic pain using fixed stainless steel electrodes that can be moved over the skin to identify optimal treatment points
  • Locates tissue characteristic changes-showing optimal treatment areas
  • Provides immediate treatment for acute injury
  • Allows a high level of treatment specificity
  • Provides hands-on interactive treatment
  • Avoids nerve accommodation
  • Enables optimal rehabilitation
  • Can stimulate A-delta and C-fibers
  • Constantly changing impulses, avoiding accommodation

“Multi Radiance Medical has introduced the first Cold Laser that actually has the ability to locate and treat inflammation. It gives the doctor a big advantage because the patient can actually see and feel the treatment.”

Arlan W. Fuhr, D.C. Co-Founder and CEO,
Activator Methods International, TerraQuant device owner

The LaserStim is a patented hybrid emitter for the FDA Cleared TerraQuant Laser Therapy System

The LaserStim comes in a Package with a TQ Base unit or as a stand alone emitter for those who want to add onto their existing TQ Base. It encompasses a total of 5 forms of electromagnetic healing energies. It also allows for the patient to finally be able to feel the laser treatment through the electric stimulation, which clearly had added benefits both physically and psychologically. With the Laser-Stim, powered by Multi Radiance Technology, you can now receive insurance reimbursement for this attended combination modality. In addition to being the most advanced laser emitter cleared by the FDA, the LaserStim will assist you in identifying the optimal treatment locations. Simply move the electrodes in a controlled scanning motion to reveal areas of low impedance.
The LaserStim emitter provides clinician feedback in a number of ways such as: readings on the screen, audible beeps, color changes and changes in fluidity as you scan.

To take advantage of this exceptional offer, grow your practice and increase your bottom line, please call a laser specialist toll free at 1-888-824-7558 or Continue your research ONLINE


  1. My first Trigeminal Neuralgia attack was in 2007, I have numbness all the time in the left side of my face. I am currently going through an attach. My kids insisted I go to ER. Well, my heart and other vital show that they are that of a 30 year old. I will be 88 this month. I am healthy, eat right, walk up to 4 miles a day. The hospital didn’t even have a clue, my blood pressure was going up and down, they thought I had a blood clot, they found health veins and an inflamed knee from a torn hamstring from a few months ago. Looking for a thermometer, I came across my old TN meds that I had taken myself off of several years ago and realize that I am in the middle of a TN attack. I started researching for new information and see that there is success with cold laser treatment. What kind of laser do I need and how much do they cost? The treatments are not approved by Medicare. I do not know if GEHA, now my secondary insurance, would approve the cost of the unit. under prescriptions. I need all of the information you can send me.

    • Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) has indeed shown very favorable response to cold laser therapy, as has TMJ and other nerve related, head, neck, jaw and cranial complications. However, getting insurance companies to pay for low level laser (cold laser) therapy or equipment is very unreliable and often becomes an exercise in futility. Few if any insurance companies have come to the point where they recognize and pay for the equipment at this time, even though it has been FDA cleared in the US now for over 11 years. It just goes to show that the drug and surgery model of healthy care still has a strong strangle-hold on the medical system.

      Fortunatey, the quality of cold laser therapy has increased over the years and the prices have come down. You can now purchase your own use at home super pulsed cold laser for deep penetrating pain and nerve relief and increased circulation and decreased inflammation for under $2000. The #1 selling low level laser on the market in North America right now is the TQ Solo aka Terraquant Solo. Click the link so that you can learn more about it online.

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