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Cold Laser Therapy vs Other Treatment Modalities


Cold Laser Therapy aka Phototherapy
• Can be used either unattended or attended (hands free option)
• Cumulative biochemical activities results in curative response
• Very comfortable treatment
• Easy set up
• Faster treatment times for patient and clinician
• Safely delegated
• Fewer contraindications

• Effective only during treatment
• Use of messy gels or medium
• Longer treatment times
• More contraindications
• Attended use only

Electrical Stimulation
• Short term effects
• Costly disposable electrodes
• Longer treatment times
• More contraindications

Cold Laser Therapy aka Phototherapy can treat patients with:
• Implants – metal, joints, plastic
• Over bony prominences
• Lack of sensation
• When heat is contraindicated

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