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How do you choose a Cold Laser and what questions to ask


What is the Winning Combination for making a Cold Laser Purchase?

With so many cold lasers now on the market, how do you choose the right cold laser for your needs and budget?

What questions do you need to ask so that you can feel confident that you have made a wise decision and are investing in the best laser to meet your needs and budget. Are you a home user or a practitioner? What are do you want your laser to accomplish and what is your budget. If you are a home user you are probably on a budget and looking for a laser on the lower price spectrum from around $600 to $3000. Consulting with a laser specialist would be helpful to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Let the specialist know what your budget it up front and what you want the laser to do. He should be able to help you. If you are a practitioner, you are probably wondering if it is sufficient to spend $2,000 to $6,000 on a cold laser? Some of you may be wondering if you really have to spend more to get reliable performance? Let’s face it, spending $16,000 to $45,000 on an Erchonia or a class IV laser is a lot of money to put out and you’ll have to spend a substantial amount of time doing treatments before you can recoup your investment and start making a profit. The laser specialists at Quantum Healing Lasers and Health is Wealth are available to help you learn how to make a wise and prudent purchase and get a laser that will meet your needs and budget.

FREE Consultations are available. Call a laser specialist toll free at 888-824-7558

Let’s look at some of the questions a wise consumer would ask before buying a cold laser for home or professional use:

  1. Is the Cold Laser FDA Cleared or FDA Approved?
  2. Is the Cold Laser a Class I, II, IIIa or IIIb or IV and what exactly do these classes represent?
  3. What is the track history of the laser?
  4. Does the Cold Laser offer a hands free operation feature and do you need that?
  5. How easy is it to learn to use the laser?
  6. Does the Cold Laser come with instructions or a user/protocol manual?
  7. Does the laser come with a manufacturer warranty and where is the service center?
  8. Is the company selling the laser an authorized distributor?
  9. Does the company selling the laser offer customer support?
  10. How much is the Cold Laser going to cost you?
  11. Does the company selling the laser offer a low price guarantee?
  12. Does the company selling the laser offer free shipping?
  13. Is the company you are thinking of doing business with an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau?
  14. Does the company selling the laser accept all major credit cards and also offer leasing/financing options for practitioners?
  15. How long has the company selling the laser been in business?

Okay, now let’s get to answering these questions for you about the Top Cold Laser Distribution Company in the US – Health Is Wealth Maui LLC and their subsidiary:

  1. Most of the Cold Lasers they sell are FDA Cleared for human use. They also sell Veterinary lasers and Equine lasers. While numerous lasers have an FDA clearance, not many have an OTC clearance, which is the most difficult to attain because it means that the laser is safe enough to be purchased over the counter by general consumers. The TerraQuant Laser Systems has received OTC Clearance, making them ideal for both home and professional use. Home users tend to be able to afford the portable TQ Solo or desktop TQ Pro. Practitioners can usually spend more money because they will quickly recoup theri investment by using the equipment in their practice. They tend to invest in the TQ Elite and TQ Ultra or TQ LaserStim due to the extra power, additional emitters and expanded treatment options.
  2. Several of  Quantum Healing Lasers (QHL) best selling lasers are class I lasers, including TerraQuant Solo and TQ Pro Series. Class I mean that the lasers are non-significant risk devices. This means that they sport the highest safety rating as determined by the FDA regarding potential risk to the eye. A higher classification simply means that the laser poses greater risk of potential damage to the eye. Class IV lasers are the most dangerous as they can actually burn, heat and denature tissue.
  3. All of QHL Cold Lasers have gone through significant testing and show stellar results in performance with thousands of satisfied customers. Their most popular Cold Lasers utilize multiple wavelength technology, allowing for maximum biostimulation and delivery of photonic energy to the target tissues from the surface down to the bone. They only sell lasers that leave their customers with satisfying results.
  4. The TerraQuant Elite features an optional Hands free Medical Cart with Dual Armature capabilities. This allows the practitioner to use both laser emitters simultaneously without having to stand over the patient holding the emitter and waiting for each 5 minute cycle. Instead the practitioner can position the laser emitter over the desired location, press the start button on the desired setting and walk away for 5 minutes between cycles. The laser will beep when the cycle is complete
  5. QHL cold lasers are easy to operate and feature a short learning curve for the average individual.
  6. Some lasers come with a training DVD and others come with a user manual and protocol manuals, which make learning quick and easy.
  7. Each cold laser that QHL provides comes with its own manufacturer warranty and a US based service center.
  8. Health is Wealth Maui LLC, and are both authorized distributors of the full line of TerraQuant Lasers,  Atronix Lasers, Laserex Lasers, LaserTENS Lasers, Light Shield Lasers and other lasers shown on their websites as well.
  9. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,  and offer exceptional customer support and have cold laser specialists available to answer your questions.
  10. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all offer FDA cleared professional cold lasers from $650 to $1995 to $9995+ depending upon your needs and budget. Prices for all of the cold lasers are listed on the websites.
  11. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all offer a low price guarantee. They will meet or beat any authorized verifyable advertised price and always offer the lowest allowable adverising prices set by the manufacturers of the lasers. They also offer preferred customer prices for qualified customers or specialized training access through a dedicated login portal.
  12. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all offer free shipping on any purchase of over $300.
  13. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
  14. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,,, and accept all major credit cards and PayPal and offer Leasing/Financing Options.
  15. Health is Wealth Maui LLC incorporated as an LLC in 2005, they were previously in business without an LLC since 2003 as a health and therapy equipment products company. They have been specializing in Cold Lasers since 2003 and have two Cold Laser Specialist available at your service should you need any assistance. You can reach them by calling 808-572-2995 or Toll Free 1-888-824-7558.

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