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Ionized Water Purification, Electromagnetic Pollution Protection or EMF Protection, acupressure, massage, air purification with polyatomic oxygen. We are dedicated to empowering you to take control of your personal health and healing potential. Whether you are a layperson or a practitioner, you owe it to yourself to be educated and informed about the healing power of light, water and air. In our other websites we are dedicated to providing high quality information, products and services at affordable prices.

Kalon Prensky has over 24 years of healing background in massage, acupressure, electric acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, herbology, and nutrition. He is a certified Dietary Technician and has worked in several hospitals. He has founded three health and therapy equipment companies over the last 18 years and is currently the CEO of Health Is Wealth Maui LLC. For over 5 years Mr. Prensky has been specializing in every facet of cold laser therapy. He has tested dozens of lasers and LED devices, pored over hundreds of clinical and scientific abstracts regarding the use of cold laser products and established relationships with multiple top laser manufacturers. Mr. Prensky is dedicated to helping his clientele to understand the pros and cons of the products available in this rapidly advancing niche of life enhancement. Mr. Prensky has had more success personally and professionally healing countless conditions with cold lasers or low level laser therapy than anything else in the world. Clients and customers are also getting great results with Ionized, alkalized, oxygenated water and air purification systems utilizing polyatomic oxygen.

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