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November 22, 2016
by Kalon Prensky

All NEW AVANT LZ30-Z Powerful Portable Cold Laser


AVANT has achieved what no other laser has ever done at this point in COLD LASER HISTORY, until now. They have just released their newest laser, the LZ30-Z which delivers a huge amount of safe power in both Red and IR and fits in the palm of your hand, with variable Hz frequencies and easy to navigate, preloaded protocol settings. It’s unheard of in the industry. Super easy to use, ultra-portable, all digital and works wonders on a wide range of conditions. AVANT has done it again!

The ultimate laser for practitioners who appreciate having a small, portable, pocket size laser that delivers more power, protocols and frequency combinations than 99% of all desktop cold lasers in both red and infrared wavelengths. The ultimate in fast and effective treatments.


  • 1400mW of power at 808 nanometer wavelength.
    This is the infrared wavelength for deep PAIN RELIEVING penetration to the bone. Compare with ML830, which uses three 33mW diodes = 100mW Total Power. LZ30-Z has 14 times the power of a 100mW laser. Like having 14 of the other brand lasers in the palm of your hand.
  • 1000mW of power at 637 nanometer wavelength.
    This is the red wavelength for superior anti-inflammatory effects and injury recovery of all soft tissue issues, nerves, gums, wounds, burns, shallow muscles. Compare with PL5000 Erch, which has four 5mW red laser diodes at 635 nanometer, which = 20mW of power.
    With AVANT LZ30-Z & LZ30-X Lasers you get both red and infrared laser wavelengths in the highest power ever offered. The dual wavelength digital system can work with your choice of simultaneously or individually, with a large selection of preset Hz frequency pulsed protocols. Super easy to use, and fits in your pocket! AMAZING!!!

AVANT LZ30-Z Professional Use Cold Laser System with Maximum Power 1400mW of Infrared laser, plus 1000mW of red laser.
DUAL WAVELENGTHS, can be used individually or together along with up to 500 preset frequency settings through the digital interface.

AVANT LZ30-X Professional Use Cold Laser System with Maximum Power 900mW of Infrared laser, plus 250mW of red laser.
DUAL WAVELENGTHS, can be used individually or together along with up to 500 preset frequency settings through the digital interface.

AVANT lasers include a generous 3-year top-to-bottom warranty and unlimited support plan.

READ MORE & See all AVANT LZ30 Laser Options

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August 1, 2016
by Kalon Prensky

Cold Laser Studies for Knee Pain

Cold Laser Studies Prove Positive Results for Knee Pain and Cartilage Regeneration

Studies on Cold Laser Therapy and its Effects on Cartilage Regeneration

By Dr Schnee · July 12, 2010

Over the years, several studies have been performed to determine the effects of cold laser therapy on cartilage regeneration.

One study took a cartilage sample from the right knee of a 19 year old patient.  Chondrocytes (cartilage cells) were isolated and suspended for cultivation, and cultures were incubated for 10 days.  The cultures were then separated into 4 groups. The first three groups of cultures received cold laser treatments for 10 minutes for five consecutive days.  Each culture had different laser parameters assigned to it.  Group 4 was the control group and did not receive any treatments.   The Groups that were treated with laser showed great results in terms of cell viability and higher levels of Calcium and alkaline phosphate as compared to the untreated group.  This study concluded that laser therapy improved chondrocyte activity without causing any damage to the cell.

And in a separate study published in Biotechnology cold laser therapy was performed on holes drilled in mice’s ears to determine if cartilage would grow back.  Mice were chosen as the subject because the chondrocytes (cartilage cells) in mice’s ears are similar to those in human cartilage.   In the study, holes were drilled in both ears.  The left ear was treated with cold laser therapy while the right ear was left untreated.  The results indicated thatafter two days only the treated ear  showed clear evidence of perichondrium (precursor to cartilage) while the untreated ear showed NONE.  After four days the treated ear had significant ingrowth of perichondrium into the holeversus the control group were there was only an active perichondrium zone.  Macroscopical and histological examinations revealed that cold laser therapy had a direct effect on cartilage regeneration.

Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program helped patients who were diagnosed with ‘bone on bone’ knee pain, and osteoarthritis of the knee experience knee pain relief so that they could avoid knee surgery.

1.Biostimulation Of Human Chondrocytes With Ga-Al-As Diode Laser: ‘In Vitro’ Research. Morrone G, Guzzardella G A, Tigani D Et Al. Lasers Surg Med. 1997;21(5):480-4.



Cold Laser Research

Here are just a handful studies that show how effective cold laser treatment for knee pain is:

There are over 35 years of worldwide clinical success, 2,500 published papers and 120 randomized, controlled trials for cold lasers.   It is the only therapeutic modality with a cumulative effect on cells and tissues.   Both NASA and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have engaged in cold laser therapy research over the last decade, with noteworthy success.

The Effect of Low Power Laser Therapy (Cold Laser) on Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Basirnia A., Sadeghipoor G., Esmaeeli Djavid G. et al.   Radiol Med (Torino).1998 April; 95 (4):303-9.
…We achieved significant improvement in pain relief and quality of life in 70% of patients.

Positive Outcomes for Infrared diode laser in low reactive-level laser therapy (cold laser) for knee osteoarthritis.

M.A. Trelles, J.Rigau, P. Sala, G. Calderhead, T. Ohshiro. Laser Therapy, (1991): 3(4): 149-153.
82% reported significant removal of pain and recovery of joint mobility.   Cold Laser Therapy is concluded to be a safe effective and noninvasive alternative to conventional surgical and medical treatment modalities for DJD patients.

The Influence Of Low Level Infra Red Laser Therapy On The Regeneration Of Cartilage Tissue.

P. Lievens, Ph. Van der Veen.Abstract from Laser Florence 2002. Laser in Medical Science. 2002:17(4).
This study concerns the influence of Laser treatment on the regeneration process of cartilage tissue.   There is no need saying that the regeneration of cartilage tissue is a very big problem in rheumatic diseases for example. The lack of blood supply is one of the most important factors involved. Lots of previous publications give us proof of the regeneration capacities of Laser Therapy.   In this study we have chosen to experiment on cartilage tissue of the ear of mice….Microscopic as well as histological evaluations were performed on the cartilage regeneration of both ears… After the second day, only in the irradiated group there is a clear activation of the perichondrium (the connective tissue surrounding cartilage).

Beneficial Effects of Laser Therapy in the early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis onset

Ailioaie C, Lupusoru-Ailioaie LM.   Laser Therapy (1991) 11(2); 9-87
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of laser therapy in pain reduction and /or recovery of patients at the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis, comparatively with the traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).   Group 1 received laser therapy, Group 2 received placebo laser therapy, Group 3 was treated with only NSAIDS….The overall efficacy rate in these studies was 86% in the first group (who just had laser), 50% in the placebo group, and 40% in the NSAIDS treated group.  After 4 months of treatment, our investigations showed the laser therapy group promoted the restoration of function, relieved pain and limited the complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Improvement of Pain and disability in elderly patients with degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee treated with low power light therapy (cold laser therapy)

Stelian J, Gil I , Beni-Habot, Rosenthal M, Abramovici I, Kutok N, Khalil A. Journal American Geriatric Society.   (January 1992) 40 (1); 23-26.
Low power light therapy (Cold laser therapy) is effective in relieving pain and disability in degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee.

Cold Lasers, Electrical Stimulation Curb Knee Pain

Boggs, Will MD. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. (June 22, 2007).
People with knee pain caused by osteoarthritis may find relief with… electrical nerve stimulation, (and) low-level laser therapy (cold lasers), research shows.
…Electrical stimulation and low-level laser therapy have fewer and less severe side-effects than NSAIDS, and unlike oral drugs they seem to… maintain the positive effect for some weeks after treatment has stopped…
Dr. Bjordal, MD said, “In our opinion, there is currently more short-term potential in refining these safe treatment methods for osteoarthritis than there are for drugs.”

Laser Therapy More Effective than Medication?

…From the findings of a recent Norwegian Health Technology Assessment Report, laser therapy was given the potential of becoming at least twice as effective as NSAIDS(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), if applied with optimal dose and energy… Although the number of laser trials is still smaller than for NSAIDS, the unequivocal scientific findings so far, has earned cold laser therapy a top spot in levels of evidence and treatment recommendations for knee osteoarthritis issued by the Norwegian Drug Agency.

Non-Drug Alternative for the Management of Chronic Pain

Chow RT, David MA, Armati PJ. 830nm laser irradiation induces varicosity formation, reduces mitochondrial membrane potential and blocks fast axonal flow in small and medium diameter rat dorsal root ganglion neurons: implications for the analgesic effects of 830nm laser: J Peripher Nerv Syst. 2007 Mar; 12(1):28-39.
Most dramatically and recently, Australian researchers have identified a direct effect on the flow of cellular materials down the long axon that makes up the “wiring” of nerve cells. Researchers have discovered that laser-induced neural blockade is a consequence of such changes and provides a mechanism for…laser induced pain relief. The application of low level laser therapy for chronic pain may provide a non-drug alternative for the management of chronic pain.

Breakthrough in the Relief of Chronic Pain Without Drugs!

Goepp, Julius MD. Life Extension. October 2008: 63-70.
Dr. Norquist discusses his clinical outcomes for patients that received low-level laser treatments. “Out of 300 patients more than 90% have reported total pain relief. And more than half the others have experienced at least partial relief of their pain after 10 full treatments. Only about 2-3% of patients have truly had no beneficial effects.”

Cold Laser Research for Knee Pain

These are overwhelmingly positive results from various Cold Laser Therapy Studies on the Treatment of Knee Pain.  Knee pain doctors continue to use Cold Laser Therapy to Relieve Knee Pain with great success. Many individuals report getting their own Scalar Wave Laser and using it at home to accomplish similar or better results due to the ease and convenience of getting more cold laser therapy treatments more often.

Essential Educational links about the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser, which many practitioners and home users use with great success:

*Intro to the SWL Features *Home Laser Therapy & Pain Relief
*Healing Process Revealed  *Clinical Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy
Order Info, Prices and 5 Cold Laser Packages to Choose from

September 17, 2014
by Kalon Prensky

Infrared Low Level Laser Therapy Uses and Benefits

Infrared Low Level Laser Therapy Uses and Benefits Revealed

Most people confuse Infrared Low Level Laser, which is near Infrared with Far Infrared devices such as saunas and heat lamps. These two treatment technologies, while both valuable, are completely different. Near Infrared Laser is the only form of Infrared therapy that delivers a multi-faceted therapeutic result, which incorporates increased cellular energy in the form of ATP. Near Infrared comes exclusively from Low Level lasers AKA Cold Lasers. It is the premier technology for treating all musculoskeletal and pain applications, and much more.

Infrared Low Level Laser Therapy is being used by tens of thousands of home users and practitioners all over America, Canada and worldwide for relief from pain & inflammation. It is a proven technology with a nearly 40 year track record, and it received FDA clearance in the US in 2002. Infrared cold laser therapy is being used successfully to treat all types of injuries including: back pain, runner’s injuries, knee injuries, hand injuries, neck pain, head pain, shoulder pain, kidney pain, plantar fasciitis, and neurological diseases. Specialized practitioners are using Infrared cold laser to treat Myofascial trigger points, phantom pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, acute muscle strains, muscle pulls and repetitive-use-injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), tennis elbow, golfers elbow, bursitis and tendonitis.

Lay people who want regular treatments are getting their own Infrared Lasers because they are excited to be able to treat themselves frequently in the comfort of their own home. Practitioners are expanding their practice and their income by utilizing infrared cold laser therapy to treat a wide range of conditions. Many practitioners are trained to use an 830 nm Cold Laser for treating many conditions including neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, hand therapy, chronic headache relief, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, & nerve regeneration. Practitioners are becoming more familiar with another form of Infrared Laser Therapy that utilizes the 905 nm, super pulsed Infrared low level laser with advanced frequency medicine capabilities called the Terraquant Laser.

While results were good before, they are even better now with the whole line of Terraquant Lasers, thanks to frequency medicine (measured in Hz), and the extra deep penetrating super pulsed technology. While simple continuous wave (CW), 830 nm, low level lasers may penetrate up to 3″ into the body. Super pulsed lasers utilizing the longer 905 nm Infrared wavelength are capable of deeper penetration up to 5″, which means more photon energy being delivered to target tissue, thus producing better results. Additionally, the Terraquant line of super pulsed lasers all incorporate additional variances of energy medicine therapy simultaneously in the form of red 670 nm LED’s and magnetic resonance, which creates ground-breaking results for pain relief, increased blood circulation and anti-inflammatory effects. Many practitioners and home users are making the switch to super pulsed Infrared low level laser therapy. Thanks to the OTC (over the counter) FDA clearance, anyone can purchase the Terraquant Laser system without a license or prescription. It is super safe and easy to apply.

With the Terraquant line of Super Pulsed Infrared Lasers, customers, lay-people and practitioners are getting great results treating common pain complaints without drugs or surgery, but they are also experiencing very positive results treating less common and more difficult to treat conditions such as: Dyspareunia, Vulvodynia, Lichen Schlerosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, Post-Surgical Scar Pain, Bladder Pain, and Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms. The beauty of treating these challenging conditions with a low level laser is that it is completely natural, non-invasive, painless, safe and easy to do, even on ones self. Many people begin to experience relief after the first treatment and remarkable healing is frequently experienced with ongoing treatments.

For a free consultation with a laser specialist, call toll free 888-824-7558

Disclaimer: No medical claims are intended or implied. For medical advice please consults a practitioner. This article is for informational purposes only.

© by Kalon Prensky 2014

September 10, 2014
by Kalon Prensky

How do you choose a Cold Laser and what questions to ask

What is the Winning Combination for making a Cold Laser Purchase?

With so many cold lasers now on the market, how do you choose the right cold laser for your needs and budget?

What questions do you need to ask so that you can feel confident that you have made a wise decision and are investing in the best laser to meet your needs and budget. Are you a home user or a practitioner? What are do you want your laser to accomplish and what is your budget. If you are a home user you are probably on a budget and looking for a laser on the lower price spectrum from around $600 to $3000. Consulting with a laser specialist would be helpful to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Let the specialist know what your budget it up front and what you want the laser to do. He should be able to help you. If you are a practitioner, you are probably wondering if it is sufficient to spend $2,000 to $6,000 on a cold laser? Some of you may be wondering if you really have to spend more to get reliable performance? Let’s face it, spending $16,000 to $45,000 on an Erchonia or a class IV laser is a lot of money to put out and you’ll have to spend a substantial amount of time doing treatments before you can recoup your investment and start making a profit. The laser specialists at Quantum Healing Lasers and Health is Wealth are available to help you learn how to make a wise and prudent purchase and get a laser that will meet your needs and budget.

FREE Consultations are available. Call a laser specialist toll free at 888-824-7558

Let’s look at some of the questions a wise consumer would ask before buying a cold laser for home or professional use:

  1. Is the Cold Laser FDA Cleared or FDA Approved?
  2. Is the Cold Laser a Class I, II, IIIa or IIIb or IV and what exactly do these classes represent?
  3. What is the track history of the laser?
  4. Does the Cold Laser offer a hands free operation feature and do you need that?
  5. How easy is it to learn to use the laser?
  6. Does the Cold Laser come with instructions or a user/protocol manual?
  7. Does the laser come with a manufacturer warranty and where is the service center?
  8. Is the company selling the laser an authorized distributor?
  9. Does the company selling the laser offer customer support?
  10. How much is the Cold Laser going to cost you?
  11. Does the company selling the laser offer a low price guarantee?
  12. Does the company selling the laser offer free shipping?
  13. Is the company you are thinking of doing business with an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau?
  14. Does the company selling the laser accept all major credit cards and also offer leasing/financing options for practitioners?
  15. How long has the company selling the laser been in business?

Okay, now let’s get to answering these questions for you about the Top Cold Laser Distribution Company in the US – Health Is Wealth Maui LLC and their subsidiary:

  1. Most of the Cold Lasers they sell are FDA Cleared for human use. They also sell Veterinary lasers and Equine lasers. While numerous lasers have an FDA clearance, not many have an OTC clearance, which is the most difficult to attain because it means that the laser is safe enough to be purchased over the counter by general consumers. The TerraQuant Laser Systems has received OTC Clearance, making them ideal for both home and professional use. Home users tend to be able to afford the portable TQ Solo or desktop TQ Pro. Practitioners can usually spend more money because they will quickly recoup theri investment by using the equipment in their practice. They tend to invest in the TQ Elite and TQ Ultra or TQ LaserStim due to the extra power, additional emitters and expanded treatment options.
  2. Several of  Quantum Healing Lasers (QHL) best selling lasers are class I lasers, including TerraQuant Solo and TQ Pro Series. Class I mean that the lasers are non-significant risk devices. This means that they sport the highest safety rating as determined by the FDA regarding potential risk to the eye. A higher classification simply means that the laser poses greater risk of potential damage to the eye. Class IV lasers are the most dangerous as they can actually burn, heat and denature tissue.
  3. All of QHL Cold Lasers have gone through significant testing and show stellar results in performance with thousands of satisfied customers. Their most popular Cold Lasers utilize multiple wavelength technology, allowing for maximum biostimulation and delivery of photonic energy to the target tissues from the surface down to the bone. They only sell lasers that leave their customers with satisfying results.
  4. The TerraQuant Elite features an optional Hands free Medical Cart with Dual Armature capabilities. This allows the practitioner to use both laser emitters simultaneously without having to stand over the patient holding the emitter and waiting for each 5 minute cycle. Instead the practitioner can position the laser emitter over the desired location, press the start button on the desired setting and walk away for 5 minutes between cycles. The laser will beep when the cycle is complete
  5. QHL cold lasers are easy to operate and feature a short learning curve for the average individual.
  6. Some lasers come with a training DVD and others come with a user manual and protocol manuals, which make learning quick and easy.
  7. Each cold laser that QHL provides comes with its own manufacturer warranty and a US based service center.
  8. Health is Wealth Maui LLC, and are both authorized distributors of the full line of TerraQuant Lasers,  Atronix Lasers, Laserex Lasers, LaserTENS Lasers, Light Shield Lasers and other lasers shown on their websites as well.
  9. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,  and offer exceptional customer support and have cold laser specialists available to answer your questions.
  10. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all offer FDA cleared professional cold lasers from $650 to $1995 to $9995+ depending upon your needs and budget. Prices for all of the cold lasers are listed on the websites.
  11. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all offer a low price guarantee. They will meet or beat any authorized verifyable advertised price and always offer the lowest allowable adverising prices set by the manufacturers of the lasers. They also offer preferred customer prices for qualified customers or specialized training access through a dedicated login portal.
  12. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all offer free shipping on any purchase of over $300.
  13. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,, and all accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
  14. Health is Wealth Maui LLC,,, and accept all major credit cards and PayPal and offer Leasing/Financing Options.
  15. Health is Wealth Maui LLC incorporated as an LLC in 2005, they were previously in business without an LLC since 2003 as a health and therapy equipment products company. They have been specializing in Cold Lasers since 2003 and have two Cold Laser Specialist available at your service should you need any assistance. You can reach them by calling 808-572-2995 or Toll Free 1-888-824-7558.

August 22, 2014
by Kalon Prensky

Ground-Breaking Achievement Using Laser for Knee Pain

Multi Radiance Medical Announces a Ground-Breaking Achievement in Translational Research

SOLON, Ohio–(Business Wire)–Multi Radiance Medical (MRM), manufacturer of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief, announces that its Clinical Research Trial for treating Knee Pain is among the first translational research studies performed with Photobiomodulation. See the groundbreaking lasers that work for home or pro use here.

“This is the new gold standard in research, a level even above evidence based research.”

“This study is ground-breaking in the sense that it moves the research in Photobiomodulation from statistically significant to clinically significant,” states Max Kanarsky, President and CEO of Multi Radiance. “This is the new gold standard in research, a level even above evidence based research.”

The study was conducted with the MRM MR4 Super Pulsed Laser in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled environment with the following conclusions:

  • Photobiomodulation significantly decreased pain and significantly improved SF-36® physical component summary at post-treatments and follow-up assessments compared to placebo.
  • Outcomes were maintained at the 30 day follow up.
  • A combination of super pulsed laser, red and infrared LEDs is effective for decreasing pain and improving the quality of life in patients with knee pain. These photobiomodulation therapy features are incorporated into the entire Terraquant line of therapeutic lasers.

The Study included 86 patients being treated for all types of knee pain with a standard methodology call the Priority Principle™. The methodology was developed by Douglas S. Johnson, ATC, EES, CLS who was closely involved with the project.

Cold Laser Protocol for Knee Pain

“The article was accepted for publication by Lasers in Medical Science and is now available as an e-publication ahead of print,” Johnson said. “We will also be presenting the findings at the upcoming joint meeting of the World Association of Laser Therapy and the North American Association of Laser and Light Therapy held this September in Washington, DC.”

Dr. Ernesto Leal Junior, PhD, PT, the lead researcher on the study and a prominent researcher in the field of Photobiomodulation, states, “This study represents a shift in research since we focused on patient-based outcomes. Currently, research in the Photobiomodulation field has generated outcomes that generally are difficult to translate into clinical practice, which creates a gap. Undoubtedly, this study fills the gap and represents real translational research.”

About Multi Radiance Medical
Multi Radiance Medical is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared lasers for drug-free pain relief. This proprietary technology is considered the safest laser on the market and is utilized to treat over 300 conditions worldwide. Photobiomodulation therapy lasers such as the Terraquant line of therapeutic lasers can be purchased online or you can receive a free phone consultation by calling toll free 888-824-7558. These devices are FDA cleared for both home and professional use and you do not need a license or prescription to purchase one.